Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Hi guys! I’ve moved this shop over to a new domain, and combined it with a few friends- enter THE WEREHOUSE
Not to fear- all orders that were made through my old Bigcartel site will be shipped this week- and if you haven’t received an order for some reason please email me-, and I’ll sort out the problem asap! 
I want to thank everybody for championing my self-published work, and sticking with me even though towards the last few months it got a little crazy— especially now that con season (and allergies) have kicked in! 
The main reason for the new store is because I just can’t keep up with this stuff on my own. It’s grown way bigger than I ever thought possible! I am overwhelmed by the support you’ve shown me over the last few years, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve mailed out over 4,000 books in that time!!! This whole thing has been a huge learning experience, since I basically jumped into this without any idea of what to expect, and now I feel like I might kind of know what I’m doing! (More or less.) Now with the Lounak guys behind Werehouse, it’ll free up more of my time at the studio to getting comics drawn!
So check out the Werehouse. It’s got work by Andy Belanger, Karl Kerschl and a whole bunch of other stuff too. Some products have bene taken off to make way for new ones, and DEMETER has been added up as a preorder! (Exciting!) 
I want to point out one big change that comes with the new store- I’m phasing out my silk screened covers, which will be replaced with a new, completely offset edition. This new printing will still be wicked nice- I’ve even updated the cover design of both Wolves and The Mire! The interiors won’t change- really this just makes the silk screened editions a little more “collectable,” whatever that means. :) Rest assured that you will still be getting a good quality book; I took a page from John Hammond’s playbook and spared no expense. 
As for DEMETER pre-orders, there are two options- $10.00 for the screen printed cover, and $5.00 for the offset. (There is also a third $50.00 sketch edition available, that is limited to 100.) The extra color on the cover raised the price point- but it looks great and I have no regrets! 
Any questions you guys have please feel free to ask- I’ll try to answer them as best I can! :D

Thank you, I love you!

Friday, January 25, 2013


New mini comic coming later this year!
(In the meantime, you can get my two other self-published books, The Mire and Wolves here, and digitally here.)  ;)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Killjoys Art!

And whoa, check out this interview with Gerard Way on the Huffington Post!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

High on Fire collab with Brian Ewing!

High On Fire
Lo Pan
screen print
edition of 100
Signed & Numbered by Becky Cloonan and Brian Ewing
I am beyond excited to finally show you guys the collaboration I did with Brian Ewing! I’ve been a huge fan of Brian’s for longer than I can remember- we met at San Diego Comic Con, and here we are years later with this little offering to the ancient gods! It’s amazing to work with someone that you not only admire as an artist, but someone who is an all-around rad person to boot! 
When Brian asked me if I wanted to collaborate I jumped at the chance! Never mind that I was in Scotland with none of my normal supplies, equipment and reliable internet connection- oh no, that wouldn’t stop me from finally working with Brian.
He sent me some sketches of what direction he was thinking of going with this, and a few pics of Countess Marya Zaleska from the film Dracula’s Daughter, and then I sent him my contribution— when he sent me the final poster, it floored me! It went in a direction I don’t think either of us expected, but we are both really psyched on the results. I’m really proud of  it!
And for those of you not familiar with Brian Ewing’s work, go check it out. He’s a monster with a brush, controlling it with a mastery I can only ever dream of achieving. A true wizard of the ink! And damn, he can draw the shit out of a skull.
\m/ forever

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bitter Orange

I was honored to do the poster for Hope Larson's new short film BITTER ORANGE! Big props to Dustin Harbin who did the amazing logo as well. Very cool to be involved in this project! Read more about Hope's latest projects (Including her adaptation of A WRINKLE IN TIME which I am beyond stoked for) here!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Mire: 5/5 on Comics Bulletin!

The Mire gets 5/5 stars over at Comics Bulletin!

Ideas of love and loss are a frequent sight in Cloonan's output, but The Mire takes a different approach towards the themes, and the result is a richly rewarding, dense and compressed story which feels light, open and dreamlike. It's a romantic story which plays like a gothic take on classic British folklore. It is, in short, a complete delight. -Steve Morris

Saturday, April 28, 2012

THE MIRE questions? answers? I have both!

Real quick, I wanted to give a quick "Thank you" to everyone who has supported my newest comic THE MIRE. And anyone who's picked up a copy of WOLVES, either from me at a convention, through my online store or at a comic shop, retailers who have wholesaled from me, even digitally through iTunes or Graphicly! It's been a crazy year with all of this self-publishing business, I've learned a lot (mostly on the job!) and wanted to say thanks.

Because I took pre-orders, and a thousand of you are interested enough to actually go through the trouble, I am able to not only print copies of THE MIRE, but I can keep WOLVES in stock with a third printing without taking a huge financial hit (and right after taxes, eek!) So I just wanted to say thanks, I appreciate it a lot.

For anyone interested on what cons I'll have The Mire at- I'm debuting the book at TCAF with a limited signed and numbered run! Then a few weeks later I'll be at KAPOW in London, in June I'll have copies at Heroes in North Carolina, and July at San Diego Comic Con.

Now, if you ordered copies, please notice that I'm traveling a lot. I'll start mailing copies out the first chance I get, in the order I got them- but realize that I don't have an assistant (YET!) so while I'm not at home nothing will get mailed out. I am guessing that the bulk of the orders will go out towards the end of the month, but I'm getting envelopes and all that stuff ready now O_O;; It's daunting, so please have some patience for a few weeks in May for your book to arrive! :D

Lastly, I wanted to mention that I'm still taking pre-orders for the book (I will until it actually comes out I guess!) but on May 1st I'm closing down the sketch option. :D

Not much else to say. I'm equal parts nervous and excited about this book- it's very different from Wolves in a lot of ways, but still there's a lot of chain mail! I've even had stress dreams that it was printed without the words, and that it wasn't stapled so it falls apart... Aagh I just hope everyone enjoys it. Andy Belanger read it and said he liked it better, SO FINGERS CROSSED! That's all we can do, right? Try to make each page better than the last...

I also wanted people to know that this book is an analog exclusive for the summer! When convention season is over I'll release it digitally again (same as Wolves) sometime in the fall, for all those of you who won't see me at a show or can't order through my store! <3

Already planning my next mini for 2013...

THANKS AGAIN!!! :D Love you all!