Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Collecting issues 1-6 of Demo Volume 2 in a beautiful trade paperback. And to celebrate, I'm posting some sketches that weren't released in the extras to issue 1: The Waking Life of Angels.

Also, I will be in Chicago on the 25th at Challengers for a signing and Demo gallery show! Bring your friends! Chicago I know you are tired from C2E2, but I promise a relaxing night of Demo and cookies (Yes I am bribing you to come to my signing by making cookies!).

And now without further ado, sketches:


Hannah said...

love the hand on the bottom drawing

pratheek said...

dear becky, my name is pratheek, i'm a comic book writer from India, and have recently self-published my first comic book Hush through an indie publishing house I've set up with my friend called Manta Ray. We wanted to feature you & your artwork on our blog (we LOVE your work sooo much), and would like to send you this blog piece and ask if you'd be okay with this? Could you tell me an email address i could email this blogpost to, so that you could take a look at it?

Thank you!
Pratheek Thomas

Chelsey said...

Those sketches are absolutely beautiful! You make it look so effortless.