Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another trip around the sun!!

Holy shit, today has been a deluge of Birthday wishes!!! It's been a crazy week, mostly I've been working like a maniac, but I took last night off with buddies and Lauren and Mike took me to see SLEEP at Terminal 5!! \m/ YEAH THANKS GUYS! Needless to say, there was copious amounts of rocking out.

I also got news that my show at Rogue's Gallery in Chicago was named Best Gallery Exhibit from the Chicago Reader! Double holy shit!! I'm totally floored.

So yeah, after a nice lunch, it was back to work for me! I'll probably go grab a cupcake or something later, maybe set it on fire-- but I want to take a minute to say thank you to everybody for the outpouring of birthday wishes! I'm wading through the marshes of deadline hell, so it was nice to get inundated with such a show of support. Really helps as I trooper through this crunch! Seriously how can I reply to all the responses I've got? You guys!! :D I'll keep making comics, how's that?

And although I might be working (because really, what's a birthday without a little work?) I have to say this picture Mike Moses took last night sums up my birthday experience quite nicely:

We made our ancestors proud.

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