Monday, August 1, 2011


Okay, I made an online store over the weekend. I put up WOLVES and a few other things, and by this morning I already have three hundred orders from all over the world! You guys are crazy! But the good kind of crazy— skinny-dipping/ howling at the moon crazy. Thank you all!

My self-published graphic novel MINIS is sold out already, but there are still WOLVES, and other goodies, like postcards, buttons and not least of all a few prints left of me and Mike Moses’s DRINK THE BLOOD OF THE DRAGON, a limited edition silk screened print!

This store is going to be for my self-published books and other merch- I'll try to keep it updated with new stuff every few months!

A few notes about things while I'm thinking of them:
Since it's only me, I'm only filling orders once a week! Maybe I'll get an assistant one day, but until then I am working around my schedule.
And yes, I do ship worldwide- however if you are in a country like Brazil or Thailand or Australia, it might take a while to get to you. I send stuff to my friends in Brazil and it takes well over a month to reach them! So if you are ordering internationally, please be patient :)

And again- THANK YOU for your support, you've helped make WOLVES into something bigger than I ever thought it could be! Self-publishing isn't easy, but it's so rewarding. If you draw comics, I highly encourage you to try it!


sirfrancisdrake said...

thanks for making your store easy to use. Just picked up a copy of WOLVES, and cant wait to read it.

pabloano said...

Not to be super impatient but when are the "Drink" prints shipping?! I want to admire that thing on my wall like yesterday. Have we just been waiting for con to be over?

becky said...

Pablo - We are waiting for the shipping tubes to come in so they don't get bent in the mail! XD

james corcoran said...

My copy of Wolves turned up this morning it really is a thing of beauty, such savagery nestled between such a soft feeling cover.

Alan said...

Clicked through to this from a Leigh Gallagher blogpost. Your stuff looks beautiful. Will be ordering.

Zeitwolf said...

Hey Becky, do you ship to Germany? So sad Minis is sold out... :/

Leslie June said...

I love your blog! Just wanted to say hello... :)

Daniel said...

Thank you Becky for sharing your experiences. It encourages other artist to do what you are doing, it's great. I'm making a graphic novel with a friend that is a writer, we are just beginning but your experiences and others who self-published encourages us to continue working hard. Thanks again, and I'll be ordering wolves cause I like your art a lot. :-)

Adam Temple said...

I just found you, and I can't believe I missed you for this long! You're so well publicized! howdoyoudoit! Your art looks lovely aswell. I'll be checking the Beguiling in TO

stina said...

so excited you have an online shop now, bc i've been looking for a copy of MINIS for a couple years since I started admiring your work with Demo. i'm super bummed it's sold out -- do you think you will republish that in the future?

i'm gonna pick up wolves in the meantime! :)

stina said...

p.s. i was pointed here from an old TCAF blogpost of faith erin hick's where she mentioned wolves!

Filipe Capra said...

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Timothy said...

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