Thursday, December 30, 2010

The end of 2010

2010 was a big year. A lot happened and a lot changed, but that's as it should be. And since a lot of people are making lists for the year, I thought I'd join in and try to mix it up a bit.

I go to a lot of conventions and I'm always meeting new people- one of the things I like best is getting to check out other people's self-published books and mini-comics, whether it's from an established creator or from someone who is just starting their journey into the labyrinth that is comics! Everyone is making best-of comic lists, but I thought I'd go a little further; I love self-publishing, so why not show some love to books that might have flown under the radar?

by Kasey Van Hise
So I've known Kasey for a few years now, before she started Lavelle as a webcomic- now it's a fully fledged self-published graphic novel, complete with an ISBN number! Not only is that smart business skillz, but her comic is a lot of fun too. Winters in Lavelle is a YA fantasy comic about a brother and sister stranded in a parallel world- it's exactly the kind of comic that I wish I had been able to read as a teenager. You can read Winters in Lavelle online- Kasey updates on Tuesdays and Fridays.

by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba
How prolific are these two? They produce an amazing amount of work every year and still have time to make a mini comic for NYCC, and go to the beach. This short comic is told in four languages- English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, chronicling the making of a comic from inception to completion. I've worked with Moon and Ba on a few comics, and I'll never get tired of their work. A new comic from the twins is always a treat!

by Paul Duffield
Oh my god, this is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship. This silent exploration of self reads like a love letter to Carl Sagan, with the universe unfolding as you turn each page. Beautiful in every aspect, this is a book worth hunting down. It's the closest thing to poetry that I've ever seen in a comic- there is so much to look at, it's like a visual symphony. Too bad it's sold out-- Hey Paul! What are you doing? Reprint this book in 2011!!

3. I played a slot machine for the first time this autumn, in England! I lost a pound, so I probably won't be playing them again anytime soon. It was actually a bit of a let down.

2. I drove on the wrong side of the road! For two weeks the gentlemanly Lee Marshall and I adventured around England and Wales in a shiny silver Peugeot- it was the first time I'd driven on the left side of the road, and the first time in about ten years that I've driven a standard! I'm guess I'm proud of my ability to throw myself headfirst into situations that I might be uncomfortable with, and actually come out okay (not just drive off a cliff into a herd of sheep and marmite).

1. I became an illustrator! I mean, I've done some illustration in the past, but this summer I did 60 full color illustrations for a novel to be released by Harper Collins in 2011. It pains me that I can't show much of the work that I did for it, or talk about it at all! It ended up being quite an ordeal as well since I'm more of a cartoonists and I am more comfortable working in black and white; I ended up learning a lot about myself and my art on this book. It was like running a marathon. I'm really proud of it though, and I can't wait for it to come out!

I'd talk about other favorites, like movies, but mostly I just watch old ones. And music, I mostly just listen to Iron Maiden (who's new album would be at the top of my list had I made one!!!) and operas, but I only saw two last year! I really don't get out much, so don't expect much lists from me.


First off- more comics, totally. I've been talking with a few people about some new books that might surprise a lot of you- so I hope I can get going on those soon! A lot of you ask about Killjoys also- well, I can't say much about that yet, except hold on to your butts! I'm also going to try to do more illustrations. I didn't do that many this year and I really missed that.

I have two new self published books coming out this year also, one is called "Wolves"- it's a short story I did in 2009 for an anthology that was published in Japan, finally being released in English. My second story is called "Mary Bella Beth". I'm thumbnailing it now; it's based on a true story, and it's about four girls and a mirror. I will probably release this one online as well. I'll be bringing these to several conventions including TCAF, MCM, SDCC and hopefully a few others. You will also be able to buy them online, because....

...January will see a big update to my website! I know it's a long time coming, but there is only so much one person can do. I know, life is a difficult balance and sometimes my website and email get the short end of the stick when I am in a deadline crunch (which is most of the time.). The update will include an online store! And I'll try to keep it more current. And be better with emails (haha.)

There is also some debate as to weather I should bring Comic Attack back as well- we'll see! Oh and I plan on making a million dollars and buying a castle. Feel free to visit- and bring your ink!

That's it for me until next year. Tomorrow My homegirls and I are having an Iron Chef themed New Years party- I'm going to make DUCK!!!! Hope everybody is enjoying the holidays. Until next time~~