Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dracula Dracula!

A few of you have noticed this already, through google, june previews, comixology, or amazon-- that I have a new book coming out!! How exciting. So for those of you who's search-fu isn't as strong (or who just have better things to do, I don't blame you!) here it is:

DRACULA Published by Harper Collins, a hardcover weighing in at 368 pages, with Bram Stoker's original text and over 50 full color illustrations by me! I'll post more info soon, but for now I'll just say THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE and post this picture of Dracula himself.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another trip around the sun!!

Holy shit, today has been a deluge of Birthday wishes!!! It's been a crazy week, mostly I've been working like a maniac, but I took last night off with buddies and Lauren and Mike took me to see SLEEP at Terminal 5!! \m/ YEAH THANKS GUYS! Needless to say, there was copious amounts of rocking out.

I also got news that my show at Rogue's Gallery in Chicago was named Best Gallery Exhibit from the Chicago Reader! Double holy shit!! I'm totally floored.

So yeah, after a nice lunch, it was back to work for me! I'll probably go grab a cupcake or something later, maybe set it on fire-- but I want to take a minute to say thank you to everybody for the outpouring of birthday wishes! I'm wading through the marshes of deadline hell, so it was nice to get inundated with such a show of support. Really helps as I trooper through this crunch! Seriously how can I reply to all the responses I've got? You guys!! :D I'll keep making comics, how's that?

And although I might be working (because really, what's a birthday without a little work?) I have to say this picture Mike Moses took last night sums up my birthday experience quite nicely:

We made our ancestors proud.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Pen, Brush, Ink and Revenge. Done on an A5 piece of paper.

Done for VENGANZA Comics & Collectables's gallery in Perth, Scotland- they ordered a bunch of WOLVES from me for the store as well! VENGANZA opens July 16th- if you are in the area, go out and support them! Check out their website and Facebook for more info!

And for more information about WOLVES and how to get it:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Danger, Adventure, MCM!

So I wrote this up yesterday but blogger ate it, so today you get a semi-skim, watered down version!! At least it will take less time to read.

First I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone who let me stay with them: Emma Vieceli and Pud Ruddick, Jamie McKelvie and Hanna Donovan, and the lovely Rufus Dayglo, who has perhaps the most impressive taxidermy, Gundam, and original art collections I've ever seen!

Me and Jamie on the bus

I spent the first part of my trip was spent in Cambridge (what a lovely town!), then it was off to London before MCM Expo. Jamie and I made a day trip to Nottinham, where we stopped by Page 45 and signed everything in the store. Thanks to Stephen for hanging out, and supporting Wolves! :)

MCM was amazing, I had such a good time. I sat next to Paul Duffield and Kate Brown, who's respective books Signal and Fish and Chocolate are worth looking up. Behind me was Gary Erskine, a phenomenal inker who made me an amazing pen, and who's banner I might have defaced... And it was great to be across from Richard Starkings-- I was in amazing company!


Shout outs to Simon Gane, Rob Davis, Jane from MOMB Podcast, Josh from The Negative Zone,  Clark, Lisa, Nabil and the rest of the crew at Travelling Man, Tony Lee who gave me his whiskey because I batted my eyelashes... and a reminder to Nevs that if you get the Filthy Orphans together in November, I'll draw the flyer! And big thanks to Fred O'Rourke for the Copics- you get free books from me forever! And to Clark Burscough for the mix tape-- I owe you one! It was good to finally meet Warren Ellis as well!

And how can I forget the dapper Dan Boultwood, who, besides being a gentleman of taste and comics, is a good gun to have on your side if you ever find yourself stuck in an Elevator Action Death Parade.

Big props to everyone who organized comic village- Matt, Pud, Anna, and Dave! The show ran so smoothly! I did a panel with Emma Vieceli, Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen, had a signing with the one and only Mr. Frank Quitely, and scored a victory with fellow artists Leigh Gallagher, Adam Cadwell, Joe List, and Gary Erskine against the writers in Artists vs. Writers!

Team Victory!

I know I'm leaving people out-- I'm still jetlagged, I've been getting up at 4am since I've been back. I'll try to amend this as the details of my trip start to emerge. MCM was amazing though, I drew a ton of sketches, sold a bunch of Wolves, met so many amazing people, and generally had an amazing time. You can now find Wolves stocked at Travelling Man, Page 45 and Gosh!

My only regret is I won't be around for the October MCM, but I'm definitely going to try and go again next spring! Oh, and I'll be around for Thought Bubble in November-- I'm counting the months. England, you were lovely.

Thanks for a good time- now back to work with you!