Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Killjoys Art!

And whoa, check out this interview with Gerard Way on the Huffington Post!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

High on Fire collab with Brian Ewing!

High On Fire
Lo Pan
screen print
edition of 100
Signed & Numbered by Becky Cloonan and Brian Ewing
I am beyond excited to finally show you guys the collaboration I did with Brian Ewing! I’ve been a huge fan of Brian’s for longer than I can remember- we met at San Diego Comic Con, and here we are years later with this little offering to the ancient gods! It’s amazing to work with someone that you not only admire as an artist, but someone who is an all-around rad person to boot! 
When Brian asked me if I wanted to collaborate I jumped at the chance! Never mind that I was in Scotland with none of my normal supplies, equipment and reliable internet connection- oh no, that wouldn’t stop me from finally working with Brian.
He sent me some sketches of what direction he was thinking of going with this, and a few pics of Countess Marya Zaleska from the film Dracula’s Daughter, and then I sent him my contribution— when he sent me the final poster, it floored me! It went in a direction I don’t think either of us expected, but we are both really psyched on the results. I’m really proud of  it!
And for those of you not familiar with Brian Ewing’s work, go check it out. He’s a monster with a brush, controlling it with a mastery I can only ever dream of achieving. A true wizard of the ink! And damn, he can draw the shit out of a skull.
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