Sunday, January 2, 2011

The first blog post of 2011, or How Cannonball Joe Quelled the Suffocating Death

If you follow my twitter feed, you might have noticed that I've been doing some housekeeping over the past few days. It might have been to start the year off with a fresh start, or maybe that was all just good timing. Whatever the case, what started off as an innocent tidy spiraled quickly out of control into an upheaval, an ordeal of organization and re-arranging. I can't say it was bad because I have some time to kill, and it is a good way to start off a new year.

Long story short, as I was organizing and archiving my original comic pages, I came across the 120 or so pages of the unpublished East Coast Rising volume 2. Flipping through it, I thought man, what a shame, all that work. And the worst part, that volume 1 ended on a cliffhanger! Nobody will ever know if they defeat the Suffocating Death, or are consumed (that would have made a quick end to the series!) to quell it's seemingly endless appetite (it already ate Mr. Snuggles, the giant, flesh-eating turtle...)

I think a nice start to the new year would be to put an end to this cliff-hanger. For the next week, I'll be posting 3 pages a day to my blog until the first sequence is completed. I'll feel a little better for it, even though this may not be the most ideal medium to read comics in (3 pages a day for six days? ugh.), I just want to get it out there. These pages are also unfinished, I took off the tones and it hasn't been lettered, but I think you can get the gist of what's happening. Feel free to fill in your own words if you have some time to kill!

Here we go. East Coast Rising 2, scene 2, take one. Action!

Oh yeah, this GN was drawn back in 2007/8.


Bethany said...

Oh man, I better re-read Vol.1 as a refresher! I'm so excited. I like East Coast Rising a lot, so I'm glad to be seeing even an unfinished version of Vol.2. :)

Erik said...

Will the second volume ever be released? I've had it on pre-order from Amazon for forever :p The first is one of my favourite books ever. So much fun!

becky cloonan said...

Bethany- thanks! I'm only posting the first sequence, I think it's about 18 pages- but at least it'll stop the cliffhanger!

Erik- Tokyopop canceled ECR2 back in 2008, when I was 3/4 finished with the book. I was never told why, but it was cut with the rest of the OGN line. But thanks for your enthusiasm about it, even though it'll never be finished I still think about it warmly.

Bry said...

oh YES!!

even though i'm very happy already,any chance of a self-published print? =D

Superlime said...

Screw you, TokyoPop!

But this looks awesome, Becky.

Sophie said...

omg so cool

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